Denver Accident Lawyers Taking on Trucking Companies and Their Insurers

When trucks and passenger vehicles collide, the truck driver often walks away unscathed, but the people in the car are usually not so lucky. Truck accidents often cause death or very serious injuries, including debilitating spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries. Facing strict deadlines and decreasing profits, trucking companies sometimes pressure their drivers to do more work on less rest. Despite fault, trucking companies’ insurers often dig in their heels when it comes to compensating trucking accident victims. Skilled in the latest courtroom and presentation technologies, the Denver accident attorneys at Samuel S. Hansuld, P.C. offer high energy and a track record of taking on insurance companies.


A few summers ago, a fatal truck crash ruined lives on a hot afternoon. Traffic was backing up on a neighboring state’s turnpike as a result of a car accident. A trucker driving 70 miles per hour plowed into the backed-up traffic, hitting three cars and pinning them underneath the rig. The victims of the horrific trucking accident and the insurer representing the trucking company recently reached a $62.7 million settlement just before trial was to begin.

Investigators determined that the driver had been working since 3 a.m. that day. There was no evidence that the driver attempted to brake or avoid the deadly collision. The crash killed 10 people, including two entire families. The driver received just a year of probation for each death and served a total of 30 days in jail.


Many trucking companies and their insurers try to reach a settlement with victims before the victims speak with an attorney, hoping that the victim will jump at the chance to settle a claim for well below its value.

Taking on trucking companies and their insurance carriers requires an aggressive approach – at the law firm of Samuel S. Hansuld, P.C., our Denver accident lawyers employ just such an approach. If you have been hurt in a semi truck accident, do not let trucking and insurance companies bully you. Contact a truck accident lawyer and trial attorney at Samuel S. Hansuld, P.C. Experienced in dealing with insurance companies and understanding of how insurers operate, our attorneys and paralegals meet with every client and work tirelessly to reach the client’s goals. Call today for a free consultation.