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Fight Drug Charges with Our Denver Criminal Attorneys

An accused facing drug charges is in for a tough battle against the government and its vast resources. State governments spend over $25 billion a year on the “War on Drugs”; the federal government spends over $15 billion. Combined, that amounts to a staggering $1200 a second. With a tenacious approach that incorporates the latest in courtroom technology, the Denver criminal attorneys at Samuel S. Hansuld, P.C. have built their reputation defending the rights of those accused of violating drug laws.


Whether you are facing drug possession charges or felony drug charges involving cultivation or trafficking, the government has to safeguard each and every one of your constitutional rights. Our attorneys at Samuel S. Hansuld, P.C. make sure that your case receives a fair hearing in court and that your rights receive the protection that our legal system guarantees.

Issues that defendants often face with drug charges include:

  • Self-incriminating statements and whether law enforcement legally obtained such statements

  • Police misconduct such as an unconstitutional searches or seizures that result in a judge throwing out all or a great deal of the evidence

  • Alleged activity that may seem minor, but that, at the federal level, results in long sentences, five years or more, for example, due to mandatory minimums


Given the media attention paid to the issue, most Coloradans are probably well aware that medical marijuana is legal in Colorado. In fact, we are the only state with a state constitutional amendment that permits the use of medical marijuana.

Those possessing valid prescriptions and registration cards for medical marijuana should always adhere to applicable guidelines, including the following:

  • They cannot use medical marijuana within sight of the public

  • Patients may not possess or use medical marijuana on school grounds

  • They cannot operate vehicles while under the influence of medical marijuana

  • They may not possess more than two ounces of medical marijuana or grow more than six plants

Though Colorado is one of just a few states in the country that permits medical marijuana use, this does not give law enforcement any greater power to harass people possessing valid prescriptions. Law enforcement officials can verify the validity of your registration, but cannot use this as a pretext to violate your constitutional rights.

Fighting drug charges requires tenacity to balance the power and size of the government you are going against. Our attorneys bring youthful energy and a reputation of successfully defending the rights of the accused. Contact our Denver criminal lawyers at Samuel S. Hansuld, P.C. today if you are facing drug charges.