Hurt in a Car Crash?
Our Denver Accident Lawyers Can Help

Hundreds of Coloradans die each year in car accidents. Across the country, car accident deaths total 40,000 – 50,000. Distractions lead to the most accidents, but there are numerous causes for car wrecks, including alcohol, tailgating, “rubbernecking”, negligent driving in poor weather and mechanical problems. Regardless of the reason, negligence on the road endangers you and your loved ones.
The Denver accident attorneys at Samuel S. Hansuld, P.C. know how to hold negligent parties responsible and are not afraid to aggressively litigate your case to obtain the compensation you deserve in a car accident.


Below are some of the ways in which the rest of us pay when negligence leads to a car wreck:

  • Car accidents cause more deaths each year than gun deaths and drug abuse

  • Accidents are the leading cause of death for children, significantly outpacing drownings, burns, falls and poisonous substances

  • In Colorado, speeding and distracted driving cause the most accidents overall, while alcohol and lane violations are most
    to blame for fatal car accidents

Unsurprisingly, the injuries are often severe when it comes to accidents involving several tons of metal traveling at high speeds. Injuries in car accidents include:

  • Brain injuries like concussions or traumatic brain injuries (sometimes called “TBI”)

  • Injuries involving the neck such as whiplash or the spinal cord that result in paralysis

  • Breaks and bruises involving the arms, legs, feet or knees

  • Psychological effects like post-traumatic stress disorder which can occur when a person witnesses a loved one suffer
    a severe injury in a violent car accident.

Often, the only way to get drivers’ insurance companies to conduct serious negotiations is with an aggressive approach.
An auto accident lawyer at Samuel S. Hansuld, P.C. brings the energy and personal attention to every case that lets you know that you are the priority and that the attorneys will do whatever it takes to win justice for you.

Contact a Denver accident lawyer at Samuel S. Hansuld, P.C. to hold negligent people responsible for the suffering that they have caused you. Our dynamic approach to dealing with opposing insurance companies and taking cases to trial puts you in the best position to obtain compensation for your losses, and pain and suffering.