Denver Injury Lawyers Fighting for Victims of Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the more severe and common injuries that occur in an accident. Over a million people suffer a TBI every year, and many of these accidents are because of another person’s negligent actions. The Denver injury lawyers at Samuel S. Hansuld, P.C. bring an unparalleled approach to vigorously pursuing TBI cases.


Even if an accident does not appear to cause any damage to a person’s physical exterior, brain trauma can severely affect what goes on in the victim’s mind. An aggressive Denver injury attorney at Samuel S. Hansuld, P.C. can help you achieve justice if you or a family member has suffered a traumatic brain jury.

Effects of TBI include:

  • Feeling “just not right” in the days after any violent collision

  • Suffering from headaches or fuzzy or blurry vision

  • A change in the amount of sleep (both more than normal and less than normal)

  • An inability to concentrate, including abnormal sensitivity to noise or light

  • Behavior changes like becoming easily irritable or excessively emotional

  • Speaking in a slurred or slower than normal manner

  • Difficulty communicating such as finding the correct words to say or understanding others when they speak

  • Persistent anxiety

Both the head injured victim and his or her family will feel the pain of a traumatic brain injury. The injured person must cope with the confusion, pain and turmoil of head trauma, and his or her family members must learn to live with a person who is not the mother, father, son or daughter they once knew. The financial impact is also great, with ongoing treatments and medications causing medical bills to pile up, while the injury might prevent the victim from working or obtaining health insurance.


Any impact to the head can result in a traumatic head injury. These impacts can result in a broken skull or a violent collision between your skull and brain, which can cause blood clotting or tears in the brain.

Like with spinal cord injuries, the causes of traumatic brain injury are numerous and varied. Some of the more typical causes include:

Contact a TBI lawyer at Samuel S. Hansuld, P.C. if you or a loved one has experienced a fall, car or truck accident, or any other accident resulting from someone else’s carelessness. Pursuing your claims in a timely manner is paramount in TBI cases. Our attorneys know what it takes to achieve justice for you in these cases and to make negligent parties pay for the pain they caused. Our consultations are free – call now.